Side Tables

A new interpretation on contemporary side tables with Spanish and traditional undertones.

Clean, simple shapes that allow the hand-finished wood to be the focus, are shown in Casa Marrón’s designs of the Elena, Abegail, Ciro, Emilio, Lola, Vito and Silvio side Tables. Traditional and Spanish undertones are expressed in the Adán, Celino and Sancho side tables. Many of these tables lend themselves to dining tables, using the designs for pedestal bases and adding wood tops. The pieces are available in all finishes and custom sizes.

For more information, download our furniture catalog.

Elena Side Table Elena
Abegail Side Table Abegail
Abegail Side Table Abegail
Ciro Side Table Ciro
Adán Side Table Adán
Celino Side Table Celino
Emilio Side Table Emilio
Emilio Side Table Emilio
Sancho Side Table Sancho
Lola Side Table Lola
Vito Side Table Vito
Silvio Side Table Silvio
Renato Side Table Renato
Renato Side Table Renato
Santiago Side Table Santiago
Santiago Side Table Detail Santiago Detail
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